sonible's d:16 is a multi-channel amplifier that ensures audio brilliance in the fields of scientific research, visitors attractions and electronic music. Its high signal integrity makes it both ultra-reliable and unique in its class.

As developers of hardware products for professional audio applications, our aim was to build a multi-channel amplifier that not only met, but exceeded the requirements of the industry’s leading sector. We wanted to create an amplifier that delivers audio quality suitable even for experts at the highest levels of performance.

With the d:16, a 16 channel power amplifier with 250W per channel, we’ve managed to combine maximum audio quality with easy handling. So whether you’re working on metrology tasks in virtual acoustics, or planning to implement a complex audio installation, you’ll save yourself a significant amount of work with our compact and powerful multichannel power amplifiers.


precision meets design

Select Your Favourite Input

The d:16 is a real team player and can easily be integrated into existing systems. In addition to the standard model of the analog version, the amplifier can be upgraded with three different digital input modules: MADI (coaxial and optical), DANTE and AES/EBU.

All digital input modules are equipped with high-quality D/A converters and support a free routing of all input channels.

The good news: you can upgrade all options later on.

DSP Power Inside

The d:16 can be further extended with an on board DSP module that provides all necessary tools for an “all-in-one” audio installation. Each digital input channel can be equipped with high quality equalization filters, a delay and a compressor/limiter, allowing for an easy configuration of the audio system according to specific requirements or personal preferences.

This high flexibility makes the d:16 the perfect solution when planning to implement compact audio installations with a large number of loudspeakers, for example, when dealing with modern 3D audio formats like Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) or Wave Field Synthesis (WFS).

Flexible Networking and Remote Operation

Thanks to Ethernet and the web application, the multichannel amplifier can also be fully configured and monitored from afar. The web-based remote control allows you to react as quickly as possible, even when the amplifier is not by your side, say, in the machine room or another building area. For research applications and sensible setups, the d:16 even offers an extra emergency mute function. Without having to access the software, all channels can be shut down via a 6.3mm jack connector.

use cases

who is using d:16?

custom installation

When it comes to the perfect sound for home theaters, surround sound, or multi-room installations, the d:16 is your first choice.

research & development

The d:16 is the perfect choice for research and development applications in the fields of virtual acoustics (HOA, WFS) and acoustical measurements.

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Download datasheet as PDF

general information

482,6 mm x 132,5 mm x 451 mm
(19" / 3U / 17,8" )
approx. 20 kg (44 lbs)


power supply
1x powerCON (by Neutrik)
analog inputs
2x SubD-25 (pinout: Tascam norm)
network connection
1x etherCON (by Neutrik)
panic mute switch
1x lockable Jack ¼" (by Neutrik)
speaker out
4x speakON (by Neutrik)

MADI module*

optical MADI in/out
1x SC Connector 50/125 μm
coaxial MADI in/out
2x BNC 75 Ω

Dante module*

Dante port
1x RJ45

AES3 (AES/EDU) module*

digital inputs
2x SubD-25 (Tascam)

DSP module*

DSP features (per channel)
EQ, compressor, limiter, delay


max. input level
+15 dBu
voltage gain
17 dB ±0.5 dB
input impedance
95 kΩ
output power PR
250 W @ 4 Ω (THD = 0.05%)
125 W @ 8 Ω (THD = 0.04%)
frequency response
-3 dB @ 10 Hz
-2 dB @ 50 kHz
> 110 dB
max. THD (10 Hz - 30 kHz)
15 dBu → 0.05 %
0 dBu → < 0.01 %
-20 dBu → 0.03%
channel cross talk
< -60 dB
idle loss
< 500 W
standby power consumption
< 2.5 W

maximum ratings

air temperature
0° C - 30° C
input voltage
230 VAC ±10 V
minimum loads
≥ 4 Ω (single channel)
≥ 8 Ω (bridged)

* optional module