Sixteen channels, uncompromising sound quality, and power that sets it apart from any other device in its class.

If you value excellent sound quality, the d:16 is the reliable amplifier with fidelity that you’ve been looking for. The housing of the amplifier is characterized by elegance and purist design. Inside, well-conceived benefits set the tone. Thanks to its 16 powerful Class-D channels with 250 W per channel, our robust audio amplifier sets new standards for multichannel applications. The d:16 is perfectly suited for high-end multiroom and home cinema installations and is ready for upcoming innovations in the field of 3D audio.



precision meets design

Flexible Networking and Remote Operation

The d:16 can easily be integrated into existing systems. As a real team player, it fits into home theater systems and multi-room installations without difficulties. Effortlessly integrate the audio amplifier into your network via Ethernet, and you can easily control the device from anywhere you want. Your custom installation can be done remotely, which means that any adjustments can be made from a distance, so there are no inconvenient or intrusive appointments in your home. This makes it easy to react quickly and saves loads of time thanks to hassle-free remote configurations via web-interface. All of this is made possible via Ethernet and a web-application, making it possible for everybody to make adjustments and have an overview of all configurations.

Get What you Really Need

The d:16’s digital connectors and routing options are particularly helpful. Whether you want to present Oscar-worthy audio quality in your home theater, or you work with MADI professionally – the choice of the right product version of the d:16 largely depends on your field of application. For this reason, you can choose from different versions of the multichannel amplifier. In addition to the standard model of the analog version, the d:16 can be upgraded with additional digital connectors: the d:16mio (MADI in/out) and the d:16dio (DANTE in/out). The MADI-option is equipped with high-quality D/A converters and coaxial as well as optical connectors, for direct MADI-connections. The d:16dio, on the other hand, presents itself with a direct connection to DANTE Audio-Over-IP networks by means of a RJ45-interface. The good news: you can also upgrade both options later on.

Powerfully Active in the Background

The d:16 is strikingly quiet, elegant and modest. You can easily deactivate the touch display and all status LEDs at the touch of a button, so as not to disturb any presentations in dark surroundings. The device also arrives with the professional cable set you’ll need to install the amplifier perfectly. Once it’s set up, everything will run smoothly.

use cases

who is using d:16?

custom installation

When it comes to the perfect sound for home theaters, surround sound, or multi-room installations, the d:16 is your first choice.

research & development

The d:16 is the perfect choice for research and development applications in the fields of virtual acoustics (HOA, WFS) and acoustical measurements.


When you’re at the highest levels of performance, you need the best equipment. Whether you’re breaking new ground in research, or you excel in performing avant-garde music for connoisseurs, the d:16 lives up to any job with pure precision.

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technical details

general information

482,6 mm x 132,5 mm x 451 mm
(19" / 3U / 17,8" )
approx. 20 kg (44 lbs)


power supply
1x powerCON (by Neutrik)
analog inputs
2x SubD-25 (pinout: Tascam norm)
network connection
1x etherCON (by Neutrik)
panic mute switch
1x lockable Jack ¼" (by Neutrik)
speaker out
4x speakON (by Neutrik)

MADI input module

optical MADI in/out
1x SC Connector 50/125 μm
coaxial MADI in/out
2x BNC 75 Ω


max. input level
+15 dBu
voltage gain
17 dB ±0.5 dB
input impedance
95 kΩ
output power PR
250 W @ 4 Ω (THD = 0.05%)
125 W @ 8 Ω (THD = 0.04%)
frequency response
-3 dB @ 10 Hz
-2 dB @ 50 kHz
> 110 dB
max. THD (10 Hz - 30 kHz)
15 dBu → 0.05 %
0 dBu → < 0.01 %
-20 dBu → 0.03%
channel cross talk
< -60 dB
idle loss
< 500 W
standby power consumption
< 2.5 W

maximum ratings

air temperature
0° C - 30° C
input voltage
230 VAC ±10 V
minimum loads
≥ 4 Ω (single channel)
≥ 8 Ω (bridged)