Fancy a game? – The sonible Arcade Game

April 2, 2020 | News

We’ve dug up our Arcade Game as part of our stay@home bundle. So, if you are in need of distraction, warm up your fingers and enjoy the serious 80s vibe! The player who scores the highest each day will win a plug-in. Game on!

Use one of your arrow keys to make the ball bounce and with a little luck and talent you’ll win a plug-in. The winner will be chosen every day at midnight (UTC) and notified the next day via the given e-mail address.

Play now!

Date | Prize

April 2 | proximityEQ+
April 3 | smart:comp
April 4 | smart:bundle
April 5 | smart:bundle
April 6 | entropyEQ+
April 7 | smart:EQ 2
April 8 | smart:comp
April 9 | smart:EQ live
April 10 | smart:EQ 2
April 11 | smart:bundle
April 12 | frei:raum
April 13 | studio bundle

To win, we need your name and e-mail adress otherwise we won’t be able to send you your prize. The Arcade Game is available until  April 13, 2020.