Time pressure in broadcasting – faster workflow with frei:raum

August 4, 2016 | Case Story

Robert Grabner, head of the audio department at the Austrian private broadcaster Puls4, appreciates the ease-of-use of sonible’s frei:raum in his busy everyday routine. The plug-in saves lots of time and leads to better sounding audio material in seconds.

Modern, mobile TV journalism is not only under great time pressure, but also has to cope with scarce resources. The small teams of reporters with a maximum of two people face the daily challenge of having to slip into several roles simultaneously. The journalist no longer only asks the questions but has to function as a cameraman and sound technician as well. Consequently, sound quality suffers the most, because journalists are primarily focused on the content of the questions and the video material.

Under pressure – Audio postproduction in broadcasting

The audio that is sent to Robert Grabner’s audio department is therefore not well recorded and almost always requires intensive post-production work. But there is never much time left to cut, mix, edit and go on-air. And this is where frei:raum comes into play. Its unique smart:filter improves the spectral balance literally in seconds. The entropy layer optimizes intelligibility – an the day is saved. After a few minutes the material is on air in prime time quality. Wacht Robert talking about the frei:raum plug-in (only German, sorry!).

Broadcasting, Workflows und frei:raum bei Puls4.

Optimize weak voice recordings – Here’s the deal

This short tutorial shows you how to use the EQ+ series – basically the three layers of frei:raum in separate plug-ins – to improve badly recorded voice tracks in no time. First, the recording is repaired. In a second step the voice is tweaked to give it more presence, clarity and improved intelligibility.

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