smart:EQ 2 – Update v1.1

December 20, 2018 | News

With a comprehensive set of bug fixes and some whole new features, smart:EQ 2 got brushed up for your mixing and mastering processes.

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What’s new?

Bundle your bands

You can now combine multiple filter bands into one group with one easy drag or right-click. Once grouped, you can change the gain and frequency of all grouped bands simultaneously or you can scale the sum response of all bands using the ”scale” slider in the EQ parameter section. 

Set your favorite Profiles

Everybody’s got their darlings! Speed up your workflow and pin your favorite profiles to the top of your profiles list!

To mark a profile as a favorite, simply hover over the name of the profile in the profile drop-down. Now a grayed-out star will occur behind the name of the profile. Click on the star – and your profile is marked as a favorite. 

Changelog  |  check out the full list of changes

Version 1.1.1

  • added peak-hold mode to analyzer
  • fixed stability issues with Ableton Live 10 (Windows)
  • fixed ambiguities when recalling profiles from presets
  • fixed automation issue when scaling a group of filter bands
  • various UI/UX bug fixes

Version 1.1

  • added group mode for equalizer bands
  • added favoring of profiles (dropdown and settings menu)
  • added renaming of profiles (settings menu)
  • added support for micro-smart response in Pro Tools (AAX version)
  • updated drop-down look and feel
  • fixed A / B layer issues
  • fixed value slider issues (dragging and keyboard input)
  • fixed smart:filter issues (correct restoring of the session)
  • fixed GUI issues (band highlighting, opening/closing of the editor)
  • fixed UX issues (thumb limitations and movement, redo on the keyboard)
  • fixed M/S issues (keyboard inputs and highlighting)
  • fixed global settings issues (global settings now affect all instances in DAW)
  • fixed profile issues (export, error popups)