smart:EQ 3 – the key to spectral balance is out now!

May 5, 2021 | News

We proudly present smart:EQ 3 – the world‘s first multitrack EQ. The AI-powered equalizer creates spectral balance in single audio tracks and assists users in establishing transparent arrangements of multiple channels with intelligent cross-channel processing.

Discover smart:EQ 3

Since we released smart:EQ 2 back in 2018, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our community. You gave us valuable insights into your workflows and voiced your needs. We listened, took notes and developed smart:EQ 3.

smart:EQ 3 isn’t just a major update of smart:EQ 2. It is so much more. By implementing a completely new A.I.-powered feature – the group view – we took a holistic approach to spectral balance. We created a tool that lets you clean up single tracks within seconds and get spectral mixing done via drag and drop.

smart:EQ 3 – key features

  • smart:filter for a clean and detailed sound within seconds
  • Spectral mixing via drag & drop of up to six tracks or busses
  • Option to choose between minimum phase and linear phase filtering
  • Dynamic adaption throughout a track for a more consistent sound
  • Mid/Side processing, up to 24 standard filters, …. and much more

If you are a fan of smart:EQ 2, don’t worry! smart:EQ 3 still contains all the features you love about smart:EQ 2, but it also sports new time-saving functions and a streamlined interface that will make your workflow even smoother.

There are a lot of good EQs out there, but none of them is like smart:EQ 3. Save 30% on the intelligent equalizer now or, if you already own smart:EQ 2, log into you user account and check out your upgrade deal! The introductory offer ends June 7, 2021.

Get smart:EQ 3 now!