Spring has sprung – it’s sale time

April 12, 2019 | News

Hibernation is over! Let the sunshine, birds’ twittering and flowers in bloom inspire you. Use that spring energy to create fresh sounds with our plug-ins and save up to 50%.

It’s never too early to get your mixes into shape for summer hit season. Now is your chance to gear up on great plug-ins to get creative and productive.

Smart assistants for your creations

smartEQ 2
Groundbreaking A.I. Technology: smart:EQ 2 analyzes your audio material and generates a custom filter curve to create a natural sounding tonal balance.
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sonible smart:EQ live
Perfect your live workflow with smart:EQ live. The real-time mixing assistant helps you to concentrate on what’s important and to creatively focus on the main event.
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Special plug-ins for specific tasks

entropy:EQ+ simplifies the post-production of harmonic and noise components of audio recordings – freely adjustable and within seconds.
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proximity:EQ+ opens new possibilities for amending detrimental room modes in post-production while leaving the direct sound untouched.
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More than one

Special EQ Bundle
Too many tempting plug-ins? With the Special EQ Bundle you get smart:EQ 2, proximity:EQ+ and entropy:EQ+ for an unbeatable prize.
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frei:raum offers three layers in one plug-in: It contains the three unique tools smart:EQ, proximity:EQ and entropy:EQ
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