Spectral mixing with smart:EQ 3

May 5, 2021 | Tutorial

smart:EQ 3 also offers a group view with intelligent cross-channel processing that corrects cluttered and clashing frequency regions within a group of up to six channels. In this tutorial we show you how easy is to get spectral mixing done with smart:EQ 3.

Spectral mixing via drag and drop? Yes, it’s that easy with smart:EQ 3. You can arrange multiple audio tracks in a sonic hierarchy of three layers. Each track is then analyzed to detect and fix masking effects.

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We show you how to use the group view in the video below or in the step-by-step instructions below. For more detailed instructions please take a look at the smart:EQ 3 manual.

Hint: In case you already own smart:EQ 2 but think that smart:EQ 3 could improve your workflow even more, log into your user account and take a look at your upgrade deal.


Step 1: Get to group view

Creating a new group in smart:EQ 3

Access the group view by clicking on “join group” – add your instance to an existing group or create a new one.

Step 2: Choose your tracks

Choosing tracks in smart:EQ 3

Add up to six channels equipped with smart:EQ 3 to your group.

Step 3: Let smart:EQ 3 learn

If the instance you‘re adding has already been learned, it will automatically be adapted to create a balanced mix. You can identify learned instances by the small smart icon next to the group name. If the instance has not been learned, the cross-channel processing will not be active for that instance.

Let the AI learn in group view and on single instances

Learn or re-learn single instances by pressing the record button inside the box, or re-learn every member of your group with the large record button.

Change an instance's profile in smart:EQ 3

Use the dropdown to change an instance’s profile.

Step 4: Create a sonic hierarchy

Creating a sonic hierarchy in sonible's smart equalizer

Arrange your instances in three layers to create a sonic hierarchy. An instance in layer 1 will always take the lead, while an instance in layer 3 will provide sonic support in the background.

The intelligent cross-channel processing automatically adapts all of your group members’ smart:filters whenever you make a change to the hierarchy.

Step 5: Control the impact

Controlling the impact of cross-channel progressing

Control the impact the cross-channel processing has – or turn it off altogether for an easy A/B comparison

Bypassing all instances inside a group

You can also bypass all instances inside your group with one click.

Leaving the group view in sonible's smart:EQ 3

Leave group view by clicking on this button in the upper right corner.