Where other de-essers just reduce volume – smart:deess goes far deeper and creates a more natural, better balanced sound. By harnessing the power of a fully trained neural network, smart:deess identifies the exact start and end points of phonemes without the need to set a threshold. And thanks to its ability to process the entire phoneme using spectral processing, you’ll never want to go back to your old de-esser.

  • Tackle de-essing and plosives in voice recordings with a single plugin

  • AI processing instantly adjusts the settings according to the source material

  • “Ess” sounds can be fully shaped and refined, not just turned down

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The world’s first de-esser that combines phoneme detection with advanced spectral de-essing.

The content-aware approach

Simply tackling sibilance and plosives

smart:deess analyzes the signal’s actual content – not just the level of one frequency band – before it decides what to do. As soon as you load the plugin on a channel, smart:deess builds a ‘voiceprint’ of the input voice signal and starts balancing any sibilants and plosives that are present. Your job then is to review the analysis and refine the results. smart:deess allows you to spend time on getting the sound you want, rather than correcting the sound you don’t want.


The power of AI

Looking deeper than ever before

smart:deess identifies specific individual phonemes – S, Z, Sh, Ch, T, P… – in real time, determining the exact start and end point of each sibilance without you having to set a threshold. The entire sibilant is then processed, rather than just the loudest part, making the final result far more natural sounding. Each phoneme type is identified and processed independently, an “Ess” is treated differently than a “Ch”, which is treated differently than a “T”. The result is as though the original recording had simply been better balanced.

Spectral processing

Shape and refine

Other de-essers are just automatic volume controls. smart:deess does contain a broadband component, but it also draws on additional spectral processing to shape and refine harsh sounds at a deeper level. Use the Color controls to tune the sibilant character (soft, balanced or sharp) and achieve the desired balance without losing edge. What’s more, dull and lisping sibilants can be revived and given new life by applying smart:deess' spectral processing.



With smart:deess, tedious clip-gaining of sibilants is history.


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