Metering Bundle

The Metering Bundle contains the plug-ins true:balance and true:level. While true:balance precisely monitors the spectral balance of your track, true:level enables you to keep an eye on the interplay of loudness and dynamics.

  • Real-time metering with insightful visualization

  • A vast range of reference options

  • Guiding Balance and Level Checks

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Nail spectral balance as well as loudness and dynamics

Work with various reference options

With true:level and true:balance you’ll have access to a broad range of reference options that draw from a vast amount of audio data and hands-on mixing experience. These cater to your practical needs – whether you are an ambitious bedroom producer or an experienced pro. Additionally, you can load up to 8 reference tracks to compare them with your track to ensure maximum consistency and efficiency across an entire project.


Loudness and dynamics on track


true:level sports a unique visualization of the interplay between loudness and dynamics, allowing you to easily find the right trade-off between these qualities. With key readouts – Loudness (LUFS), Dynamics (dB), Loudness Range (LU) and true peak (dbTP) – supported by target indicators, you’ll immediately see whether the values of your track come close to those of your chosen reference. If you are not sure about the changes your track needs, use the interactive Level Check feature.

Tap the power of spectral balance


true:balance revolves around analyzing the spectral distribution and mono compatibility of your mix. It shows a real-time spectrum analysis and the average spectrum over time. To evaluate the distribution of your track, you can use either the included genre references or load up to 8 reference tracks. In true:balance’s channel data section, you’ll get all the info you need regarding your track’s mono compatibility. When in doubt on how to proceed with your mix, just engage the Balance or Mono Check to receive helpful advice.

Metering Bundle

Two exceptional metering plug-ins bundled together


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