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Spectral mixing with smart:EQ 3

We show you how to use smart:EQ 3’s group view to automatically correct cluttered and clashing frequency regions within a group of up to six channels.

Create spectral balance in single tracks with smart:EQ 3

Learn how to use the EQ view of smart:EQ 3 to enhance the transparency of a single track within a matter of seconds.

"smart:reverb is not just intelligent, its extremely musical!"

John Nathaniel | Producer & Mixer

John Nathaniel
Produzent, Songwriter, Mixer

Check out smart:reverb

The smart:EQ 3 User Guide

Want to learn how to use smart:EQ 3’s features? In this user guide you’ll find all our smart:EQ 3 tutorials in one place.

smart:EQ 3 – the key to spectral balance is out now!

We proudly present smart:EQ 3 – the world‘s first multitrack EQ. Check out what our new AI-powered equalizer can do! Spoiler alert: We’ve implemented a completely new feature.

How to use smart:EQ 3’s AI-powered features

smart:EQ 3 is equipped with two great AI-powered features: the EQ view and the group view. In this tutorial, we show you how they work.

Robbie Soukiasyan: “Never let the creative energy die down”

Robbie Soukiasyan is a producer and mixer in his early 30s, who has already worked with XXXTentacion, Camila Cabello, Jason Derulo, BTS and Gucci Mane. Learn more about the young producer.

Spectral balance and spectral mixing

Spectral balance … many of you probably have heard of it and some of you are busy striving for it. We shed some light on spectral balance and spectral mixing.

FAST plug-ins by Focusrite – sonible’s technology inside

“The Collective” by Focusrite offers a range of FAST plug-ins for a monthly payment. The technology behind these tools was developed by sonible. Learn more about it.

OJD – a free open source plug-in

Janos Buttgereit develops plug-ins not only full-time at sonible but also in his spare time under the name Schrammel. Recently he has developed OJD, a guitar distortion plug-in that you can download free of charge.

The difference between presets and profiles

Profiles, presets … since these terms are easily confused, we will explain their differences in our plug-ins and show you the benefits of both.

Oliver Pinelli: “You have to give it your all”

Mix engineer Oliver Pinelli has 30 years of professional experience. Learn more about his career and how he uses the smart plug-ins by sonible.

Additional control elements of smart:reverb

An A/B functionality, modifying wet/dry values, the freeze and infinite feature, the pre-filter EQ, and more… there is a lot to discover in smart:reverb. Learn more in this tutorial.

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