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Improving podcast audio with a few tweaks

Competition is high in the world of podcasts. Not only content counts but sound too. We show you, how to tackle issues related to various speakers and accompanying music with smart:EQ 3 and smart:comp.

The power of spectral ducking

To combine tracks smoothly often requires creating space in critical spots and that’s what the spectral ducking feature of smart:comp is designed for. We show you three examples – from classic to creative.

"smart:reverb is not just intelligent, its extremely musical!"

John Nathaniel | Producer & Mixer

John Nathaniel
Produzent, Songwriter, Mixer

Check out smart:reverb

Reuven Amiel: “I rather be risky than safe, it’s more fun.”

With his open demeanor, eclectic taste and creativity Reuven Amiel is a sought after music producer and mixing engineer. Learn more about him.

Reverb tips and tricks – Part 2

You want to create a rich, seamless sound and smooth transitions with reverb? Check out this tutorial where we show you a few incredibly creative solutions you can achieve with smart:reverb.

Using smart:EQ 3’s group view with audio busses

Audio busses are great to structure a complex project but they are also a great option when you want to mix lots of tracks in group view of smart:EQ 3.

Reverb tips and tricks – Part 1

We show you step-by-step how you can take your song to the next level by applying a reversed reverb, a formant reverb and a distorted reverb.

Generate custom profiles for smart:EQ 3

By creating custom profiles for smart:EQ 3 you’ll have true time savers at hand whenever you are working with a track repeatedly or want to establish consistent sound among different tracks.

Daniel Karelly: “Better things tend to arise from a sincere creative process”

Daniel Karelly is a successful producer/mixer. Learn about how he uses the university of Youtube, his unusual path and work approach.

Handy features of smart:EQ 3

smart:EQ 3 not only automatically balances your sound, but it also includes every monitoring and workflow optimizing feature you’d expect from a professional-grade EQ.

Spectral mixing with smart:EQ 3

We show you how to use smart:EQ 3’s group view to automatically correct cluttered and clashing frequency regions within a group of up to six channels.

Create spectral balance in single tracks with smart:EQ 3

Learn how to use the EQ view of smart:EQ 3 to enhance the transparency of a single track within a matter of seconds.

The smart:EQ 3 User Guide

Want to learn how to use smart:EQ 3’s features? In this user guide you’ll find all our smart:EQ 3 tutorials in one place.

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