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The sonible Blog ist a valuable source of information for all who want to extend their skills in audio production. Through video tutorials, know-how articles and interviews with pros, you'll get ideas, tipps and tricks.

Transfer functions in audio plug-ins

Ever heard of the term transfer function in an audio plug-in? smart:comp 2 sports one of those and it’s great. We explain what it is and what you can use it for.

Shaping the sound of smart:comp 2

The attack and release shaper as well as the style dial are powerful tools to adjust the sound of smart:comp 2. Check out this tutorial to find out how to use them.

"The smart plug-in line is a must-have for the modern producer/mixer!"

Oli Beaudoin,
producer, mixer & musician

Oli Beaudoin,
producer, mixer & musician

Discover the smart:bundle

smart:comp 2’s free-form transfer function

The free-form transfer function is a marvel for all of you who want to go for sophisticated compression goals. We show you what you can achieve with this feature.

Spectral processing in smart:comp 2

Spectral compression is a technology by sonible that once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t want to go without it. We show you how you can control the spectral processing in smart:comp 2.

smart:comp 2’s main features

Learn all about using smart:comp 2’s AI-powered features to get precise and transparent results in just a few easy steps.

smart:comp 2 User Guide

There is a lot to discover in this exceptionally versatile go-to compressor. Check out the smart:comp 2 User Guide to make sure you don’t miss any of our tutorials.

smart:comp 2 is out now

smart:comp 2 is here! This compressor has it all: the power of AI and sound-shaping options that make it a sonic playground for all of you who want to tap the full potential of shaping dynamics.

Enhance your mix with smart:EQ 3’s Mid/Side processing

Check out the Mid/Side function in smart:EQ 3. In this tutorial we show you how to achieve a wider stereo image in single tracks and more transparency in an entire mix.

sonible plug-ins: Artificial Intelligence inside

What’s behind the AI in our smart plug-ins? Alexander Wankhammer, co-founder of sonible explains our approach and a few of the technological methods that drive our plug-ins.

The importance of dynamics

Loudness is a much-discussed topic in the world of audio production. But what about dynamics? We tell you why they need much more attention.

All under control with smart:limit

Learn more about smart:limit’s distortion monitoring, listening modes and other features that provide you with guidance and all the info you need.

Working on loudness and dynamics for publishing with smart:limit

Dynamics and Loudness are crucial when it comes to limiting for publishing. smart:limit helps you to ready your track. We show you how it’s done.

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