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The sonible Blog ist a valuable source of information for all who want to extend their skills in audio production. Through video tutorials, know-how articles and interviews with pros, you'll get ideas, tipps and tricks.

sonible is part of Audiotonix now

Great development: Audiotonix has announced the acquisition of sonible.

The 9 rules of depth when mixing

Adding depth to a mix quite literally brings a new dimension to your virtual space. Here are nine things to keep in mind when you go ‘behind the music’.

I am stunned by the super-easy interface and handling of smart:EQ 3."

LIA | Producer
Eno, Dardan, Credibil, Xatar, Mero)

Discover smart:EQ 3

Should you put reverb on bass frequencies?

Let’s finally answer the question that has plagued philosophers for centuries, in the light of modern music production technology.

Can pure:bundle help us feel more human?

Oleg “Yorshoff” Yershov, is a sound engineer, teacher, and video blogger from Ukraine, who offers you his view on the plug-ins of the pure:bundle as a seasoned professional.

pure:bundle User Guide

Get started with the pure:bundle and learn how to speed up your workflow using pure:comp, pure:verb and pure:limit.

Polish up a trap track with sonible’s pure:bundle

Learn more about how you can easily polish up a trap track with sonible’s pure:bundle.

Make your rock track cut through the noise

Find out how you can use the pure:bundle to make your rock track cut through the noise by pushing just a few buttons and controls.

Make your EDM track sound rock solid in no time

Check out how sonible’s AI-powered pure:bundle can help you to make your EDM track sound rock solid in no time at all.

The pure:bundle is out now

The pure:bundle is available! It contains the brand new plug-ins pure:comp and pure:verb as well as pure:limit. To celebrate the release, we’ve got some awesome intro deals for you.

Dynamics: What’s Changed?

From tape recordings to the loudness wars and digital streaming, how have the dynamics of music changed over the years, and why?

AI and what it can do for audio engineers

Wytse Gerichhausen, owner of White Sea Studio and youtuber, interviewed sonible’s Alexander Wankhammer about AI-powered audio plug-ins and the future of audio production.

What is Tonal Balance?

Learn how and why to balance your music across the frequency spectrum by analyzing tonal balance of different music genres and characteristics.

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