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The sonible Blog ist a valuable source of information for all who want to extend their skills in audio production. Through video tutorials, know-how articles and interviews with pros, you'll get ideas, tipps and tricks.

The Evolution of the Noise Gate Device

The studio’s forgotten hero has been through more little revolutions than you might think – and we’ve got the newest one.

When to use Spectral Compression

Understand the dynamic processing technology and how it can elevate your mixing and mastering projects.

Moving Beyond Traditional De-essers: How and Why?

Here’s how we’ve taken the de-esser up a level with our new AI-powered plugin smart:deess.

When Reverb Meets Compression

Level up your mixing arsenal with these five ways to combine two processors that are usually kept quite separate.

pure:unmask is out now

There is a brand new addition to the our series of pure plug-ins available – we are introducing pure:unmask.

How to Set up a Sidechain Signal in All Major DAWs

This guide was written for users of pure:unmask. For correct usage, our compact Unmasking plug-in needs a sidechain routing to be set up – we explain how it is done.

"The AI-powered function of smart:limit is incredible."

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

Entdecke smart:limit

pure:bundle User Guide

Get started with the pure:bundle and learn how to speed up your workflow using pure:EQ, pure:unmask, pure:comp, pure:verb and pure:limit.

smart:EQ 4’s reference track feature

You want to replicate a certain sound – be it warm vocals or an entire mix? smart:EQ 4 has got you covered with its reference track feature.

How Artificial Intelligence has Improved the De-esser

With smart:deess, we have taken the de-esser to new levels of capability. Here’s how artificial intelligence played a role in getting there.

Compression Character Explained

Where does the elusive mojo, vibe and feel of a compressor stem from, and how can you choose the right tool for the job every time?

Top 3 Applications of Mid/Side Compression

Level up your production by mastering this dynamics processing technique in three important contexts.

Why Do We Even Need to De-ess?

Have you ever considered the causes of sibilance in audio engineering? As it turns out, it’s not even an artifact at all.

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