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pure:unmask is out now

There is a brand new addition to the our series of pure plug-ins available – we are introducing pure:unmask.

How to Set up a Sidechain Signal in All Major DAWs

This guide was written for users of pure:unmask. For correct usage, our compact Unmasking plug-in needs a sidechain routing to be set up – we explain how it is done.

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pure:bundle User Guide

Get started with the pure:bundle and learn how to speed up your workflow using pure:EQ, pure:unmask, pure:comp, pure:verb and pure:limit.

smart:EQ 4’s reference track feature

You want to replicate a certain sound – be it warm vocals or an entire mix? smart:EQ 4 has got you covered with its reference track feature.

How Artificial Intelligence has Improved the De-esser

With smart:deess, we have taken the de-esser to new levels of capability. Here’s how artificial intelligence played a role in getting there.

"The AI-powered function of smart:limit is incredible."

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

Entdecke smart:limit

Compression Character Explained

Where does the elusive mojo, vibe and feel of a compressor stem from, and how can you choose the right tool for the job every time?

Top 3 Applications of Mid/Side Compression

Level up your production by mastering this dynamics processing technique in three important contexts.

Why Do We Even Need to De-ess?

Have you ever considered the causes of sibilance in audio engineering? As it turns out, it’s not even an artifact at all.

7 AI-Powered Music Tools to Improve your Workflow

Give your production the benefit of contemporary technology by checking out these forward-thinking software tools.

Everything That’s New in smart:EQ 4

Discover all the new features for version 4 of our flagship equalizer, and what they can do for your workflow and sonic results.

9 Use Cases for smart:EQ 4

Get the inside scoop on what’s new in smart:EQ 4, and how you can use it to achieve better, cleaner mixes more quickly.

smart:EQ 4 is out now

Ready to elevate your mixes? smart:EQ 4 is now available – an AI-powered equalizer that will empower your mix journey.

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