true:balance is a metering plug-in that offers you all the necessary info and guidance for taking the right steps towards optimizing the spectral balance and mono compatibility of your mix.

  • Real-time spectrum analyzer and the average spectrum

  • Genre-based references and custom reference option

  • Info on stereo width and stereo correlation values

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A well-balanced mix is a smooth mix

Advanced spectral balance metering

Quickly gain clear insights

true:balance is a metering plug-in that will make sure you've got all the info you need on the spectral distribution of your mix. All the displayed readouts as well as their visualizations are designed to ensure that you won’t have to second-guess what you are seeing. true:balance’s key readouts are supported by target indicators, allowing you to see whether your track is close to the values of your chosen reference. The channel data section displays all you need to know about the stereo width and correlation of your mix and, hence, the mono compatibility of your mix.


Genre-based references and custom reference tracks

Reach your goal with the help of references

Since the “right” spectral distribution has a lot to do with listening expectations, genre-based references are great to compare your mix with. true:balance's included references draw from a vast amount of audio data and hands on mixing experience. When you want consistency across an entire project – go for the option of loading up to 8 reference tracks.

Balance Check and Mono Check

Guidance just a click away

true:balance is designed for professionals as well as ambitious bedroom producers. The latter will appreciate the hints on which modifications their mix requires to approach the reference values. true:balance has got you covered: There is a Balance Check that analyzes the current spectral distribution of your signal then compares it with your reference and gives you text-based suggestions. Mono Check points out any potential problems concerning the mono compatibility of your mix.



Grab true:balance to gain reliable insights into the spectral distribution and mono compatibility of your track.


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