Dynamics Bundle

Save 31% when buying smart:comp 2 and smart:limit in a bundle.

  • Automatic parametrization in seconds

  • Intelligent processing with the power of AI

  • Clear and intuitive user interface


Dynamics in the spotlight

smart:comp 2 delivers clean, well-balanced compression results that remain true to any input signal – no matter whether you are working on single instruments, instrument busses or entire mixes. The compressor’s revolutionary spectral processing ensures a dynamic balance at all times with up to 2000 bands constantly working to enhance transparency and also drives smart:comp 2’s remarkable ducking abilities.

smart:limit is all about worry-free limiting: Its intelligent processing will preserve the detail of your track and provide a transparent, uncompromised limiting quality. The plug-in analyzes your signal and finds limiting parameters that let your mix breathe – all in just a few seconds. Plus, smart:comp 2 will guide you towards hitting the safe zone requirements of streaming platforms or loudness standards – and gives you feedback via interactive Quality Check hints.

Dynamics Bundle

Two AI-powered plug-ins to tap the full potential of dynamics-shaping.


Use cases

The things you can do with smart:comp 2 and smart:limit

Spectral processing in smart:comp 2

Spectral compression is a technology by sonible that once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t want to go without it. We show you how you can control the spectral processing in smart:comp 2.

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All under control with smart:limit

Learn more about smart:limit’s distortion monitoring, listening modes and other features that provide you with guidance and all the info you need.

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GUI Tips and Detection Focus for smart:comp 2

smart:comp 2 contains a lot of features and functionalities that make your workflow more efficient. In this tutorial, we show you what you might not have discovered yet.

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Technical details


plug-in formats (Mac)
plug-in formats (Windows)
supported samplerates
44.1 kHz to 192 kHz
machine-based or iLok (see FAQ)

system requirements

Windows 10 (64 bit)
MacOS 10.14+
at least 4 GB (recommended)
Intel Core (i5), Apple Silicon
OpenGL Version 3.2+