The intelligent smart:EQ+ plug-in enhances the detail, clarity, and personality of your audio-track with a tap of the finger. What makes it special: the perfect mix is ready in a matter of seconds.

  • Revolutionary learning ability powered by the sonible smart:engineTM

  • Automatic identification of spectral dysbalance

  • Streamlined workflow saves precious time

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Always a step ahead

Ability to learn

More punch in your mix

Automatically generated filter curves analyze your audio material, identify spectral dysbalances and suggest intelligent solutions in a matter of seconds. They add clarity and punch to select frequencies or entire tracks – all with unprecedented precision.

The self-learning smart:engineTM generates a detailed filter curve tailored to the specific audio material in a matter of seconds. With only a few settings to adjust, your track attains the desired sound properties and seamlessly blends into your mix.


Adjustments on the fly

Radiant quality within seconds

In film, TV, or radio broadcasting, the clock ticks particularly fast: Mixes must be ready for prime time in short order. With smart:EQ+, automatic editing loops and swift restauration of audio material no longer pose problems. In only a few seconds time, disturbing resonances are recognized and corrected.

Just a few clicks can dramatically increase the quality of your recordings. Within seconds, you can dampen disturbing frequency regions and boost weak ones – all without having to grapple with finding the precise settings.

Speech mode

Video tone & speech intelligibility

Your mic didn't perfectly capture the singer or interview partner? No problem: When switching to speech mode, the unique algorithm of smart:EQ+ attunes itself to the human voice. In speech mode, you effortlessly generate the perfect vocal-mix for video sound – smart:EQ+ thus offers crystal clear audio quality for video producers as well.

When switching to speech mode, smart:EQ+ attunes itself to the human voice. Generate the perfect vocal-mix for video sound within seconds.



Whether you're a mastering professional or an audio debutant – with smart:EQ+ you are always one step ahead.

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