This plug-in will balance your audio tracks in just a few seconds. It’s heart is sonible’s smart:engine which is also behind smart:comp, smart:EQ 3 and smart:reverb.
*Note: Balancer will be listed under Focusrite in your DAW. 

  • Tonal balance in just a few seconds

  • Profiles to prime algorithm for different source signals

  • 3 different options for sound character


Less time engineering, more time creating

Suitable for beginners, pros, and everyone in-between

Automatic corrections within seconds

Balancer was developed by Focusrite and sonible. While listening to any audio material for a couple of seconds, the plug-in gathers detailed information crucial for the mixing task at hand. By combining and interpreting this information using A.I. technology, deficiencies in the signal (e.g. regarding the spectral balance) are detected and automatically corrected.

Profiles add even more flexibility to the system by optimizing the algorithm for different source signals. By telling the smart:engine what kind of instrument or voice it’s handling, choosing a suitable profile ensures a perfect adaptation of the analysis to the respective input signal.


Balancer is free of charge - get the plug-in now!


* Extended: Balancer is available until May 4, 2020.

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Technical details


Plug-in formats (Mac)
AU, VST2 (64 bit), AAX
Plug-in formats (Windows)
VST2 (64 bit), VST3, AAX
Supported sample rates
44.1 kHz to 192 kHz

System requirements

Windows 7+
macOS 10.7 - 11.x
at least 4 GB (recommended)
at least intel DualCore i5 (recommended)