Rackmount for ml:series

The sturdy rackmount can be screwed into any 19″ rack and keeps your devices from our ml:series safe.

  • Rack panel for one HMA and three D-Format connectors

  • Easy installation and mounting

  • For touring or permanent installation
Rackmount for ml:series by sonible


Two devices. One rackmount.

The sonible rackmount adapter can hold up to two devices from the sonible ml:series. The ml:series consists of the USB DI-Box ml:1 and the MADI converter ml:mio. Since both devices have the same housing, they can be inserted and exchanged as desired.

Depending on requirements, there are three ways to mount the USB DI-Box ml:1 and the MADI converter ml:mio. These sturdily constructed devices can then be screwed securely into any rack and kept safe from damage during transport. There is also the option to include a rack panel for three D-Format sockets and HMA connectors which can all be freely assigned.


Keep your ml:mio and ml:1 in order.

sonible ml:rackmount white background

Use Cases

Who is using ml:1 and ml:mio?

Toni Loitsch: “Quality begins at the source.”

This up-and-coming producer and mixing engineer works with some of the best bands and artists from the German punk, rock and pop music scenes.

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Philipp Dusse at Funkhaus Berlin: A Bastion of Good Sound

Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe, trance-god Paul Van Dyk and German rapper Cro have already enjoyed the one-of-a-kind room acoustics at Funkhaus Berlin.

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Marian Kuch: Dedication is the key

For 16 years Marian Kuch has supported bands such as The BossHoss or Efterklang as their audio and event engineer. With him on the road: sonible ml:mio.

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Technical Details

Download Manual

General information

482,6 mm (19") x 44,2 mm (1U) x 150 mm (5,9")
~1,35 kg / 3,0 lbs
Delivery content
1x rackmount
1x connector blind
2x ml:mio routing stickers
4x countersunk 6mm M3 TX10 screws
6x countersunk 8mm M3 TX10 screws
2x ml:1 routing stickers