The smart:EQ 3 User Guide

May 5, 2021 | Tutorial

smart:EQ 3’s AI-powered algorithms create spectral balance in single audio tracks and assist you in establishing transparent arrangements of multiple channels with intelligent cross-channel processing. Additionally, the plug-in offers a lot of control options and features that let you efficiently tweak your creation to perfection. In this user guide you’ll find all our smart:EQ 3 tutorials in one place.

smart:EQ 3 is based on the needs our community. Their valuable feedback was our guiding light when we designed the intelligent equalizer. Its lean interface and well-thought-out features makes every step count and keep users in the flow. Check out all the video tutorials below.


For further in-depth instructions please download the smart:EQ 3 manual.

Hint: In case you already own smart:EQ 2 but tried smart:EQ 3 and now think that the plug-in could improve your workflow even more, log into your user account and take a look at your upgrade deal.

Get started with smart:EQ 3 by checking out this tutorial. It will show you how to use the AI-powered features of the intelligent equalizer.

Learn all about achieving spectral balance with the smart:filter.

Discover the group view and how to use its spectral mixing abilities.