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Toni Loitsch: “Quality begins at the source.”

Toten Hosen, Silbermond, H-Blockx, Yvonne Catterfield oder die Donots betreut der Freigeist Toni Loitsch nicht nur im Studio sondern ist auch ihr Go-to-guy auf Tour.

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Andreas Fabianek: Infected with the music virus

The film composer und audio engineer about frei:raum: “The plug-in is the Swiss Army Knife of audio production.”

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3D Audio Research Lab creates new possibilities in hearing aid research

The Acoustic Research Institute Vienna (ARI) is a pioneer in psychoacoustic research. In cooperation with the institute sonible has planned and installed a compact 3D audio system.

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An alliance for great sound: sonible supports SoundGirls.org

sonible supports the non-profit organization SoundGirls.org which has dedicated itself to the support of female sound engineers.

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IKO Summer Tour June 2017

The small IKO summer tour with three stops was a perfect occasion to further draw attention onto the IKO as a unique musical instrument for the community of electro-acoustic and computer music.

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New MADI ways for Soundcraft Vi series with sonible ml:mio

Because the Vi1 has only one MADI interface, it can benefit from the flexibility, the sonible MADI converter, splitter and router ml:mio has to offer.

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64 speakers to re-create the cocktail party effect

The cocktail party effect however does not work as well for those who are wearing hearing aids. This system wants to solve that problem.

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KLANG:fabrik & ml:mio – a MADI match made in heaven

KLANG:fabrik is an innovative 3D audio monitoring system which communicates via the MADI BNC format. ml:mio makes sure that no misunderstandings with other MADI formats occur.

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How to create depth with proximity:EQ+

There is one thing that sets apart an average acoustic mix from a great one: depth. This tutorial shows you how to add a “third dimension”.

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Adding depth: How to bring your mix to life!

Your mix is done but it still sounds kind of flat? By adding a sense of depth to your mix you can instantly bring it to life.

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How to edit reverb on recordings with proximity:EQ+

The plug-in proximity:EQ+ enables you to either eliminating or emphasizing natural reverb – even when the room is not perfectly captured on the recording.

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How to remove unwanted resonances with proximity:EQ+

When removing unwanted resonances it sometimes can be difficult to delete them without influencing the original sound itself. proximity:EQ+ offers an effective solution.

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