pure:bundle User Guide

April 3, 2024 | Tutorial

sonible’s pure:bundle is a creator-focused range of intelligent audio plug-ins. The tools are characterized by ease of use, paired with high-grade processing and prime sound quality. 

All plug-ins of the pure:bundle are driven by the technologies used in sonible’s smart plug-in range, but are designed with creators in mind.

  • pure:EQ analyzes an audio track and derives an EQ curve to enhance the audio’s tone and remedy any spectral deficiencies.
  • pure:limit ensures that the level and dynamics of a mix are in the sweet spot before it leaves a creator’s studio.
  • pure:comp is a straightforward compressor plug-in to instantly control a track’s dynamics.
  • pure:verb makes it incredibly easy to create a reverb effect that matches the characteristics of any source material.
  • pure:unmask uses AI and spectral processing to make space for one mix channel in another with minimal setup.

Get started with the pure:bundle by watching the tutorial videos below. For further in-depth instructions please download the pure:unmask, pure:EQ, pure:comp, pure:verb and pure:limit manual.

All feature highlights of the pure:bundle in action


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