The ml:mio provides you with a compact MADI converter that effortlessly translates from any one type of plug and cable to any other.

  • 100% bit-transparent transmission between BNC, optical and CAT

  • Works independent of control software, manufacturer software or external control programs

  • Simple splitting of redundancies in multi-track recordings


MADI media converter, splitter & router

Media converter

Effortlessly convert between formats

Our ml:mio converts MADI-streams between optical, co-ax and twisted pair. This greatly simplifies the planning of setups and saves you a lot of time – in particular when working live events. Especially when on big tours or when a venue comes with pre-installed cabling, it no longer matters whether people work with BNC, fiber optics or CAT: with the ml:mio as a universal connector, you always have the right adapter ready to hand.


Router & splitter

Flexible routing & splitting of signals

For more complex setups you can route any input to any number of outputs. No matter how intricate the setup, this makes rerouting and splitting signals an effortless task.

If you, for instance, want to combine a mixing console and a recording device or create redundancies, the ml:mio offers a particularly practical solution: incoming MADI-streams can be split into several signals for this purpose.

Ease of use

Straightforward operation without external software

The toggle switch mounted directly on the ml:mio ensures ease of use with no need for additional devices. You don’t even need a notebook to remote-control the ml:mio: smartly integrated LED-lamps always indicate the current status of your signals. Especially when working in low light, the ml:mio thus makes sure you keep track of things with a single glance.

Flashing LEDs on every single input and output immediately show you whether a signal is active or has been lost while differently colored LEDs indicate different cable types – green for BNC, red for optical and blue for twisted pair.



A compact, handheld MADI media converter that effortlessly converts streams from every connector and cable type. Your solution to all MADI headaches.

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Use cases

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MADI routing scenarios with ml:mio

Different MADI scenarios can be difficult to handle for live engineers. But with the ml:mio the many different protocols and vendors are no problem anymore.

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New MADI ways for Soundcraft Vi series with sonible ml:mio

Because the Vi1 has only one MADI interface, it can benefit from the flexibility, the sonible MADI converter, splitter and router ml:mio has to offer.

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In any case ml:mio – The versatile MADI converter

The ml:mio is a versatile MADI converter, splitter and router. The compact interface converts between optical, coaxial and twisted pair streams effortlessly.

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Technical Details

Download Manual

General information

183 x 93 x 40mm
~1000 g
Power Supply
100 - 240 V (AC), 50 - 60 Hz
Neutrik powerCON connector
(cable included)

MADI Inputs

1x twisted pair
(DiGiCo and Soundcraft compatible)
1x optical (SC)
1x coaxial

MADI Outputs

1x twisted pair
(DiGiCo and Soundcraft compatible)
1x optical (SC)
2x coaxial

Supported MADI Formats

Sample Rates
no restrictions
(32 kHz to 192 kHz)
56 ch and 64 ch