Can analog signals be routed individually?

At this stage, analog signals cannot be gained. The analog channels are routed directly (one by one) to the respective outputs. Only digital inputs (with MADI option) can be routed individually.

Can analog signals be gained?


Can output channels be bridged?

Basically yes. Further information is provided in the manual or the quick start guide. In any case: be VERY CAREFUL and follow the instructions of the manual carefully to avoid damages of the amplifier and/or connected loudspeakers.

Are ELA applications supported?

Yes. You can use the d:24 for ELA/100V applications without the need of any additional gear. Please be careful not to go below the minimum load of 4Ω!

Is the d:24 115VAC/60Hz compatible?

In the basic configuration, the d:24 can NOT be run on 115VAC. There is a built-to-order option available that allows the d:24 to be run with such input voltages. Please keep in mind that the output power ratings and power consumptions differ slightly between the two configurations. If you need more information on that topic, please contact support@sonible.com

Are the DIOs (digital input options) "hot swappable"?

No. The additional hardware options have to be installed directly by sonible.

Is the MADI-option 56ch and 64ch frames capable?

The MADI-option of the d:24 can handle both madi frames (with or without varispeed).

Do I need an external input clock for the MADI-option?

No, the MADI-option regenerates its internal clock from the incoming MADI stream.

Can multiple d:24 be daisy chained?

Yes – without any restrictions!

Will daisy chaining cause timing problems?

No. Each point of relaying only causes a deterministic delay of 160nsec or 0,000768 samples (@96kHz).

What clock is provided at the clock output?

The clock output provides the internal reference clock signal.

How can I choose between coax and optical MADI inputs?

You can select the input via the graphical user interface.