The ml:1 is the missing link in sound technology: a robust, multifunctional USB-DI-BOX for first-class audio playback.

If you’re familiar with the high demands of being a professional sound engineer, you probably share our passion for reliable and uncomplicated technical solutions. That’s why we’ve built the tool that professional sound technicians have been missing in their belts: the ml:1 – a compact USB-DI-Box with thoughtful additional functions.

Like a robust gentleman on the outside and a clever engineer on the inside, the ml:1 is characterized by both its durability and top audio quality. This ‘Swiss knife for sound engineers’ provides instant solutions to the constant challenges faced on busy days of touring. This versatility means that sonible’s USB-DI-BOX can’t be reduced to one benefit only – on the contrary, it‘s outstanding in three different disciplines.


high quality playback. out-of-the-box.

Brilliant USB-Audio Playback via Notebook and Co

Making audio playback easy – this is the driving force behind our ml:1. Compatible with all notebooks as well as most smart phones and tablets, the audio interface simplifies the presentation of audio material by using the USB-Audio Class standard. The result? Real plug&play capabilities. As soon as a device is connected via USB, it’s recognized as a new playback device, which means the audio file can be played immediately – without installing an additional driver. Big plus: Thanks to the lockable Neutrik USB-connectors, the mechanically reliable plug connection holds up to rough handling.

Passive Stereo-DI-Box Hum-free Signals

Via two 6.3 mm jacks, the ml:1 can also be used as a DI-box, ensuring a clean, symmetrical signal feed. The low-distortion signal transformers take care of the electric isolation and guarantee a 100% hum-free signal. What’s more, the ground lift switch remedies mass-related ground loops.

Test Tone Generator for Pre-soundchecks

The ml:1 offers an additional benefit for experienced live engineers: the built-in test tone generator. Thanks to its lithium battery, the ml:1 operates autonomously, and is independent from phantom power and other power sources. This not only saves you lots of running back and forth, but also time and nerves. With the help of a multi tone (a complex wave form), you don’t need an additional playback device to quickly check whether the channels you’re using function as broadband, whether the cabling works, or if there are any sources of disturbance in the way – making the ml:1 absolutely perfect for fast line checks before the artist shows up.

use cases

who is using ml:1?

on stage

The ml:1 is a platform independent USB playback device with digital (AES/EBU) and analog outputs. No need to install any additional drivers - go live in seconds.

corporate events

The quality of the audio signal is significantly higher and more robust than the sound you hear through a headphone output. This function comes in particularly handy when you need music or video to be played without any technical flaws – think during seminars, lectures or live shows.

testimonials & reviews

this is what customers and experts say

  • "thumbs up for the high-class DI-box with test tone and USB interface."

    S. Kosmalla
  • "on all system, the installation was straight-forward: connect USB cable, select, output, finished."

    N. Mavridis
  • "low distortion signal transformers guarantee for a perfect audio quality. THUMPS UP!"

    F. Zapf recording magazin, 06/13
  • "the ml:1 not only offers an excellent audio quality in USB mode, it also has great surrounding transformers when used as DI-box."

    P. Kaminski
  • "it’s just the type of device that every self respecting AV department or stage tech should have in their toolbox."

    P. Stevens
  • "you can see right away that this is a great tool for professional live- and event technicians."

    K. Chonisvhili
  • "A sophisticated helper for mobile sound applications."

    N. Mehlhorm


your swiss knife in audio

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technical details


183 x 93 x 40 mm
~1000 g
Power Supply
≤ 40 mA USB bus powered
(only needed for USB audio)
1x USB (lockable Neutrik receptacle)
2x Jack (analog in)
2x XLR analog out
1x XLR AES/EBU (digital out, S/PDIF compatible)
Output level
0 dBFS equals -18 dBu
Ground lift
0 dB/ - 18 dB


Sample rate
44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Sample word length
16 bit
96 dB

Test Tone Generator

harmonic multitone
-22 dBu