USB-DI box ml:1 and jazz fusion group Filou on stage

January 31, 2017 | Case Story

Jazz-fusion group Filou recorded their first album in the course of the Headphone Sessions at the jazz club “domicil” in Dortmund. In charge of the elaborate video and audio production was German producer Julian David.

Filou creates modern jazz-fusion at the highest level. The septet presents sophisticated arrangements that combine lightness with a sense of verve. Filou describe their music as a danceable mixture of “catchy hooks, fat beats and crazy improvisation” (Filou). It’s when performing live that the band especially demonstrates its strengths. And that is something Filou share in common with the ml:1 by sonible, which was used extensively in the project.

Successfully capturing the sound and feel of the Headphone Sessions was a considerable challenge for producer Julian David. Properly recording the 12 musicians required no less than 48 audio channels and 12 video cameras. Essential to such recording situations are reliable DI interfaces of uncompromisingly high audio fidelity. In this regard the four ultra-robust and super-reliable ml:1 boxes made by sonible came in very handy. Three ml:1s were used for the different keyboards and one for the string section.

This video and interview with Julian David gives you a quick insight into how the production was accomplished:

ml:1 for live recording – Julian David produces Filou Headphone Sessions

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