Gating a vocal track with smart:gate

July 18, 2023 | Tutorial

Unlike conventional gates, smart:gate’s processing doesn’t focus on the overall level of the input signal, but is triggered by a designated target source. This comes in very handy, when working on vocal tracks with microphone rumble and bleed from instruments. Check out the tutorial to find out how easy gating with smart:gate can be.

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Gating a vocal track with smart:gate

smart:gate is an intelligent, content-aware gate. The plug-in opens only when it detects a chosen target source.

On this vocal track we can hear microphone rumble and some exaggerated guitar bleed. A regular gate simply opens once the dB threshold is met.

Now, let’s use smart:gate and select the vocal profile.

The gate only opens when the vocal is present. The guitar bleed and microphone rumble are completely ignored – no matter how loud they are.

Finally, the release and hold parameter can be tweaked to get an even smoother, more natural sound.