3D Audio Innovation IKO by sonible & IEM

November 7, 2016 | News

The 3D Audio technology IKO creates fascinating three-dimensional sound spaces with just a single centrally placed, compact loud speaker system.

A new way of listening

The IKO is a revolutionary new 3D audio speaker made by sonible. It is the most compact speaker system based on 3D audio technology, Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA), available in the world today. sonible has now brought this innovative technology to product maturity and opened the door to the future of 3D audio playback.

3D Audio Lautsprecher IKO und d:24 Verstärker von sonible

IKO is the most compact speaker system based on 3D audio technology Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA), available in the world today.

Trailblazing focal point

The IKO is able to send focused sound beams in any direction desired – made possible through its unique form and the use of complex algorithms. Using wall and ceiling reflections to establish a unique and distinct sound space, the IKO surrounds listeners in the media and artistic event. Highly immersive sonic experiences are now possible using just this one single compact 3D audio speaker.


The IKO is teamed up with the multichannel d:24 amplifier by sonible. Together they form a compact and versatile audio playback system. Inside the d:24 powerful class-d amplification modules, the separation of power and control electronics, combined with a clever circuit design, produces sound of an uncompromising quality in the smallest of spaces. This particular design turns the IKO into the only mobile commercial Higher Order Ambisonics speaker available worldwide.

3D audio speaker IKO by sonible


Fundamental research

The Institute for Elektronic Music und Akoustics developed the first prototype of the “ikosaeder speaker” in 2006. Originally it was intended to simulate the natural sound radiation of acoustic musical instruments. After ten years of extensive research the IKO speaker is now ready to be used in generating three-dimensional soundscapes beyond the laboratory.

sonible IKO in flight case


The future is now

The special design doesn’t only make it easy to transport the 3D audio speaker IKO. Its relatively large volume allows it to playback frequencies at the lower end of the human listening range as well.

For several years now Garret K. Sharma has explored different ways to deploy the 3D audio speaker in sound design and art. New areas like home entertainment, simulations environments, virtual reality and measurement technology will be opened up now. IKO is perfect whenever high precision audio playback is needed and wanted.