Automatic Equalizer Plug-in smart:EQ+

November 18, 2016 | Tutorial

smart:EQ+ is the perfect tool for fast and accurate adjustments of the tonal balance. Its intelligent filters propose fully automatic solutions, which can be adapted for each frequency-band individually. smart:EQ+ is a revolutionary automatic equalizer plug-in.

Hold up! smart:EQ+ is not available for sale anymore but we replaced it with the even better equalizer plug-in smart:EQ 2.

Video: Introducing smart:EQ+ – Automatic equalizer plug-in

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The sonible smart:EQ+ is not just an 8-band equalizer plug-in in mastering quality. Four of the eight linear-phase bands feature the so called smart-function. The smart bands adjust the equalizer curve fully automatically to the audio material at hand. It allows you to eliminate spectral imbalances in no time.

smart:EQcan be used the other way around as well. It can enhance that special characteristic of a sound that makes it stand out in the mix. smart:EQ+ doesn’t only save a lot of time. With the additional “voice mode”, it became a real expert in editing vocal tracks too.