AI and what it can do for audio engineers

February 3, 2023 | Know-how

Wytse Gerichhausen, owner of White Sea Studio and a popular Youtube channel of the same name, interviewed Alexander Wankhammer, one of sonible’s co-founders, about Artificial Intelligence, AI-powered audio plug-ins and the future of audio production.

Wytse Gerichhausen not only runs a successful sound studio, where he offers mixing and mastering services as well as recording advice, he’s also a very respected, independent plug-in reviewer. On his Youtube channel White Sea Studio, he publishes videos called “Snake Oil” that are very much appreciated by his audience due to their (brutal) honesty and that are making (also our own) plug-in developers break out in a sweat on a regular basis. In a new video format, Wytse is interviewing plug-in developers. To start off with the so far called “show yet to be named”, Wytse is talking to Alex about AI and what it can do for audio engineers.