pure:unmask is out now

April 3, 2024 | News

There is a brand new addition to our series of pure plug-ins available – we are introducing pure:unmask. This little gem of a tool uses AI and spectral processing to make space for one mix channel in another with minimal setup.

Try pure:unmask for 30 days!

Clarity is now only moments away thanks to pure:unmask, which makes short work of one of mixing’s most vital components: finding space within one track for another. With just four main controls and the power of sonible’s artificial intelligence, this VST/AU/AAX plugin gels two competing elements of a mix together perfectly without any pumping artifacts.

It’s super easy to set up:

  1. Load pure:unmask on the channel of the background track (the track that will make space for the prioritized track).
  2. Route a sidechain input from the prioritized channel (the track that should take center stage). Please note that how to route a sidechain differs depending on your DAW. This article might help.
  3. Select the signal type of the sidechain signal as the profile for pure:unmask. The plug-in can then focus the unmasking on frequency regions that are most relevant for this signal type.

pure:unmask joins sonible’s other simple-to-use plugins to make this AI-powered collection a no-brainer. pure:comp, pure:EQ, pure:verb and pure:limit each focus their neural networks on their respective audio fields, providing the user with simple controls that help them achieve the results they want without any fuss.

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Check out the intro offers and save up to 40%: Get pure:unmask for only € 29,- and the pure:bundle for € 99,- – these intro deals end on May 6, 2024.

In case you already own sonible plug-in(s) or even the pure:bundle (and all are registered in your dashboard) make sure to check out our emails to learn more about the incredible loyalty deals.