How to remove unwanted resonances with proximity:EQ+

March 15, 2017 | Tutorial

Removing unwanted resonances is often necessary in post production. Sometimes it can be difficult to delete them without influencing the original sound itself. The special bands of the proximity:EQ+ offer an effective solution.

How to remove unwanted resonances with proximity:EQ+

In this example, you hear a very pronounced and bothersome drone. When deleting this specific resonance, it effects the original sound as well. The violin sounds pretty thin. A more elegant solution uses the proximity bands of the plug-in.

There are situations when the unpleasant resonances are basically all in the signal’s indirect parts, caused by the reflections of the room. So, the idea is to heavily emphasize the direct parts of the recording at 400 Hz. To do so, we need to move the proximity band upwards at 400 Hz – the plug-in automatically attenuates the reverb parts at this area of the spectrum.


The result: the resonance is gone but this time the violin sounds as rich and full as before. By eliminating the room information at 400 Hz, we killed the resonances without negatively impacting the frequency spectrum of the direct signal.

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