smart:deess out now

October 30, 2023 | News

smart:deess is the first AI de-esser to combine phoneme detection with advanced spectral de-essing. This plug-in is a huge step forward in de-essing and plosive removal technology.

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With smart:deess, we pulled out all the stops – our neural network technology and our unique spectral processing – to create a de-esser that is so much more than a standard tool. In some respects we went back to the roots of the initial function of a de-esser, however, smart:deess delivers more of everything – more reliability, more precision, more customizing and, most importantly, more natural results.

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Key features smart:deess

  • The most natural-sounding de-esser thanks to its AI technology
  • De-essing and plosive reduction in one tool
  • Real-time phoneme detection to identify sibilants and plosives
  • Harsh sounds can be shaped, rather than ‘just turned down,’ via spectral processing
  • Processes the entire sibilant from start to finish, without the need to set a threshold
  • Handles different phonemes – S, Z, Sh, Ch, K, T, P – each with distinct processing
  • Will automatically “re-ess” to improve any ‘dull’ and ‘lisping’ phonemes
  • Huge range of options for customizing the processing
  • Available Formats: AAX, VST, VST3 and AU
  • Apple Silicon: native support for M1 and M2 chips (including AAX)