Creative post production with the new entropy:EQ+

November 20, 2016 | Tutorial

entropy:EQ+ is a powerful equalizer plug-in for editing dynamics. It’s a linear-phase EQ that helps you to find the perfect balance between transients and sustain sections of any sound.

Video: Introducing entropy:EQ+ – Creative postproduction plug-in

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The sonible entropy:EQ+ plug-in allows for both harmonic and inharmonic sound portions to be adjusted over the entire frequency range. That makes the editing of transients fairly easy. Sounds become more articulate and the dynamics can be reshaped freely.

Furthermore entropy:EQ+ is a great tool for working with vocals and spoken words. Inharmonic consonants can be raised with one single setting and human sounds become a lot more present in the mix. At the same time entropy:EQ+ is a high-quality 8-band linear-phase EQ.