More character for drum sounds with entropy:EQ+

December 19, 2016 | Tutorial

This short tutorial shows you how you can add more character to your drum track with entropy:EQ+. It allows you to adjust the balance between harmonic and inharmonic components for each frequency band individually.

entropy:EQ+ gives you full control over attack and sustain of the drum track. In combination with the linear-phase EQ, you can edit your drums in post production with surgical precision. Watch how:

How to add more character to drums with entropy:EQ+

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In this example we just have a stereo drum track to work with but entropy:EQ+ enables me to make some pretty drastic adjustments. I show you the extremes of what it is capable first by changing the entropy with a master dial.

With this plug-in you can have a lot more control over the final results, though. Instead of emphasizing on the tonal or atonal part of the whole spectrum, we only raise the entropy band around 800 Hz. Because experience tells me that a lot of character is embedded in that frequency range. Pushing the band into the positive range results in a very clean and mechanic drum set, ideally suited for rock and pop.

With a negative entropy setting my drum set gets more of a human touch, great for jazz or acoustic recordings like the one we have in this video tutorial.

You can use now the regular linear-phase EQ within entropy:EQ+ to give it a little more low end filler and high end clarity.

Highs have the tendency to sound a little harsh, though. Emphasizing on the atonal parts of the highs now, will get rid of the harshness – without compromising the clarity of the hi hats.

Try entropy:EQ+ for free