Add more depth to acoustic guitars with entropy:EQ+

December 19, 2016 | Tutorial

Find out how to get the most out of your guitar sounds with the entropy:EQ+ plug-in. The linear-phase EQ can distinguish between harmonic (tonal) and inharmonic (atonal) parts of any sound.

Hence, working with guitar recordings you can use entropy:EQ+ for enhancing or softening plucking noise on one hand. On the other it can control the sustain parts of the sound. The entropy effect of the plug-in can be adjusted for each band individually.

Video: How to add more depth to your guitar sounds with entropy:EQ+

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In this singer songwriter project there is just a vocal and a guitar track. So the guitar needs to provide a lot of depth and background filler. The entropy master dial allows you to balance the picking sound (atonal part of the guitar). In this case a setting of -80% gives the guitar sound the space it needs for this mix. But due to the lack of picking sounds the guitar sounds a little unnatural now.

The master dial changes the entropy settings across all frequencies. For frequency dependent editing you can enable the entropy function (atom symbol) for individual filter bands. Through the filter settings you can now reintroduce some of the picking sounds around the 6 kHz mark. That gives us a guitar sound that nicely compliments the vocal track while still sounding very natural and unprocessed.

entropy:EQ+ can obviously also be used as a normal linear-phase equalizer. So you can do some basic eqing to finish things off.

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