In any case ml:mio – The versatile MADI converter

December 22, 2016 | Tutorial

The ml:mio is a versatile MADI converter, splitter and router. The compact interface converts between optical, coaxial and twisted pair streams effortlessly.

The first part of the quick start guide contains an overview of the most important features of the ml:mio.

ml:mio quick start guide | part 1: overviewFollow the link for part 2: ml:mio quick start guide | part 2: usage scenarios

With the ml:mio each input can be routed to any output allowing to easily split MADI signals for monitoring or additional multi-channel backup recording. The ml:mio works 100% bit-transparent. It is able to operate without any external control software and completely independently from any brand or protocol. The colored LEDs and the robust design are additional features perfect for live engineers.

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