A.I. equalizer plug-in smart:EQ 2 out now!

October 1, 2018 | News

sonible is proud to present smart:EQ 2. We took a huge step forward with this first major update of our award-winning smart:EQ plug-in. Its unique smart:filter creates tonal balance in seconds, leaving time & space for creative workflow. The completely overhauled feature set turns smart:EQ 2 into your new go-to EQ.
Note: We replaced smart:EQ 2 with smart:EQ 3! The intelligent equalizer now sports two AI-powered functions and was overhauled extensively. smart:EQ 2 remains a maintained and fully-functional plug-in though.

smart:EQ 2 is a state-of-the-art equalizer with built-in AI engine. It brings unique A.I. algorithms with the latest research in psychoacoustics and decades of mixing and mastering experience together. Compared to his predecessor smart:EQ+ the feature set has been extended significantly which also called for a complete redesign of the user interface.