How to find the perfect spectral balance with smart:EQ+

November 21, 2016 | Tutorial

This short tutorial shows how to find the perfect spectral balance with smart:EQin just a few quick steps. The smart-bands of the plug-in equalize a piano sound automatically. You can adjust the result for each individual frequency-band. A few seconds later the sound sits perfectly in the mix.

Hold up! smart:EQ+ is not available for sale anymore but we replaced it with the even better equalizer plug-in smart:EQ 2.


How to find the perfect spectral balance with smart:EQ+

The difference is obvious. The smart:EQ+ automatically creates a very natural and transparent piano sound by harmonizing the original audio track. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

automatic smart eq GIF 2

The smart:EQ+ creates a custom EQ-curve which we can manipulate using smart bands. You can activate the smart band by clicking on the little wand symbol. It only works with an incoming audio signal. So just start the playback, raise the smart band and watch it learn.

automatic smart eq GIF 1

Dragging the smart band in the positive direction will balance out frequencies and remove resonances, producing a very natural and harmonic sound. In this case we’ve got a very delicate and sweet sounding piano. All in just 30 seconds of work. Also, with its unique approach to EQing, the smart:EQ+ helps you save a lot of time every day.

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