The smart:EQ 2 User Guide

September 25, 2018 | Tutorial

smart:EQ 2 is an intelligent equalizer plug-in. Of course, the smart:filter is the most important feature of the plug-in. But smart:EQ 2 has much more to offer. On this page you will find some useful information and a couple of nice tips and tricks to get you started.

Note: We replaced smart:EQ 2 with smart:EQ 3! The intelligent equalizer now sports two AI-powered functions and was overhauled extensively. smart:EQ 2 remains a maintained and fully-functional plug-in though.

smart:EQ 2 comes with a new interface design that has been intensively tested for an optimized workflow. Among other things, the modular feature areas allow you to focus on the momentarily important features. At the bottom of the plug-in, for example, the filters of the active band can be selected, including new tilt and M/S types. At the top of the plug-in you will find the smart:band section with fold-out options for “States” and “Profiles”. With the visual analyzer you always keep your orientation.

The manual gives you a good starting point but also provides detailed information about all features of our new flagship plug-in smart:EQ 2. You can download it on our support page.

The video shows you how to quickly achieve good results with the intelligent smart:filter band.

Find out how to do frequency-dependent M/S processing in this video.

Learn how to work with (custom) profiles.

Handle smart states with ease.

Optimize your workflow with useful but less prominent features and shortcuts