true:level and reference tracks

November 9, 2022 | Tutorial

true:level is a metering plug-in that makes it very easy for you to work with pre-defined references. You can also load up to eight audio files from your hard drive as reference tracks. Let’s see how this is done!

To compare your track against one or multiple existing mixes, true:level allows to load up to 8 custom reference tracks. Every track will be analyzed and its loudness and dynamics information will be extracted and visually displayed.

Try true:level for 30 days

Check out the tutorial video below to learn how to work with reference tracks using true:level. For more detailed information about the plug-in, download the latest manual.

Working with references in true:level

How to add reference tracks in sonible's true:level audio plugin

true:level has analyzed my reference tracks and is now displaying them as colored crosshairs within the Loudness and Dynamics Grid.

How to use sonibles true:level for hiding and showing different reference tracks

A click on a reference track number will hide the track and exclude it from the computation of the reference zones. The dropdown menu allows you to see file names or delete tracks.

Using sonible's true:level reference selector to switch between the common reference and the reference track section

Using the reference Selector, you can easily switch between the common reference and the reference track section.

Loudness Scale Dragging in sonible's true:level audio plugin

You can drag the display range of the loudness-axis to match the level of your track.

How to restart or pause measurement in the sonible true:level audio plugin

Re-Start or pause the measurement using the buttons in the far-left corner. Here, you can also switch the measurement style from integrated to either short-term or momentary.