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The sonible Blog ist a valuable source of information for all who want to extend their skills in audio production. Through video tutorials, know-how articles and interviews with pros, you'll get ideas, tipps and tricks.

pure:EQ is out now

pure:EQ is here and it offers control over spectral distribution and transforms a track’s tone in just a couple of clicks.

Make your rock track cut through the noise

Find out how you can use the pure:bundle to make your rock track cut through the noise by pushing just a few buttons and controls.

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Make your EDM track sound rock solid in no time

Check out how sonible’s AI-powered pure:bundle can help you to make your EDM track sound rock solid in no time at all.

Polish up a trap track with sonible’s pure:bundle

Learn more about how you can easily polish up a trap track with sonible’s pure:bundle.

How do Room Modes Work in Acoustic Spaces?

What are room modes, how do they arise, and how can you react when you understand their effects – we explain it all.

"The AI-powered function of smart:limit is incredible."

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

Entdecke smart:limit

The Problems with Audio Gating

Here we discuss the limitations of traditional noise or audio gating, and how the AI powered smart:gate can solve these problems.

smart:gate User Guide

Get started with our content-aware plug-in smart:gate and learn how simple gating can be.

Working on a drum loop with smart:gate

Learn how to to separate a kick from a snare with our content-aware smart:gate plug-in.

Gating a vocal track with smart:gate

Our plug-in smart:gate helps to easily remove microphone rumble and bleed from vocal tracks. Check out the tutorial to find out how easy gating can be.

smart:gate is out now

The wait for our intelligent gate plug-in is over. Check out what the new gate can do and get yourself the special deals.

How we do Spectral Processing at sonible

Today’s processors can handle more than just a multiband setup. This power allows us to make spectral processing in audio plug-ins the new standard.

sonible is part of Audiotonix now

Great development: Audiotonix has announced the acquisition of sonible.