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How to use smart:EQ 3’s AI-powered features

smart:EQ 3 is equipped with two great AI-powered features: the EQ view and the group view. In this tutorial, we show you how they work.

Robbie Soukiasyan: “Never let the creative energy die down”

Robbie Soukiasyan is a producer and mixer in his early 30s, who has already worked with XXXTentacion, Camila Cabello, BTS and Gucci Mane. Learn more about him.

"The smart plug-in line is a must-have for the modern producer/mixer!"

Oli Beaudoin,
producer, mixer & musician

Oli Beaudoin,
producer, mixer & musician

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Spectral balance and spectral mixing

Spectral balance … many of you probably have heard of it and some of you are busy striving for it. We shed some light on spectral balance and spectral mixing.

FAST plug-ins by Focusrite – sonible’s technology inside

“The Collective” by Focusrite offers a range of FAST plug-ins for a monthly payment. The technology behind these tools was developed by sonible. Learn more about it.

OJD – a free open source plug-in

Janos Buttgereit develops plug-ins not only full-time at sonible but also in his spare time under the name Schrammel. Recently he has developed OJD, a guitar distortion plug-in that you can download free of charge.

The difference between presets and profiles

Profiles, presets … since these terms are easily confused, we will explain their differences in our plug-ins and show you the benefits of both.

Oliver Pinelli: “You have to give it your all”

Mix engineer Oliver Pinelli has 30 years of professional experience. Learn more about his career and how he uses the smart plug-ins by sonible.

Additional control elements of smart:reverb

An A/B functionality, modifying wet/dry values, the freeze and infinite feature, the pre-filter EQ, and more… there is a lot to discover in smart:reverb. Learn more in this tutorial.

Control spread and density with smart:reverb

smart:reverb comes with great options to fine-tune your reverb. Not only the decay but also the spread and density of your reverb effect can be adjusted easily.

Get started with smart:reverb

Are you wondering how to use the A.I. features of smart:reverb? In this tutorial we show you how to use them.

Modifying decay with smart:reverb

smart:reverb offers you two shaping options to change the behavior of the reverb’s decay – the Temporal Shaper and the Spectral Shaper Grid in the Particle Display. We show you how to use them.

The smart:reverb User Guide

The smart:reverb user guide contains helpful tutorials, so you’ll know exactly how to handle the plug-ins features.