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true:balance User Guide

Visit the true:balance User Guide to see all tutorials featuring the unique spectral metering plug-in.

true:balance and reference tracks

Learn how to use the spectral metering plug-in true:balance with reference tracks.

"I’m stunned by the super-easy interface and handling of smart:EQ 3."

LIA | Producer
(Eno, Dardan, Credibil, Xatar, Mero)

LIA | Producer
(Eno, Dardan, Credibil)

Discover smart:EQ 3

true:balance’s main features

In this tutorial, we show you how to get started with true:balance to get your mix ready for publishing.

Ralf Christian Mayer: „I always look for new ways”

Ralf Christian Mayer is counted among the top music producers in Germany. He tells us about the skills and experiences that contributed to his successes and he explains why every mix is a still a challenge.

The vocal series: Mixing pop vocals

Want to learn how to create brilliant pop vocals? We are showing you how you can get there by using smart:comp 2, smart:EQ 3 and smart:reverb.

Tobi Weiss: „The best elements of a game soundtrack do not stand out immediately”

Tobi Weiss composes soundtracks for games and he mixes the music too. He gives us an insight into the world of gaming music.

GUI Tips und Detection Focus for smart:comp 2

smart:comp 2 contains a lot of features and functionalities that make your workflow more efficient. In this tutorial, we show you what you might not have discovered yet.

Nicolas Buzzi: „IKO makes music not merely audible“

Swiss composer, interpreter and sound artist, Nicolas Buzzi works with IKO in very unusual locations for some time now. Learn more about his art and experiences with IKO.

All about sidechain: from external sidechain to sidechain-filtering

Sidechain – a great thing and a source of confusion – especially in the context of compressors. We are shedding light on all things sidechain.

Compression: broadband, multiband and spectral

Do you know the difference between broadband, multiband and spectral compression? We explain the perks and downsides of each compression type.

Transfer functions in audio plug-ins

Ever heard of the term transfer function in an audio plug-in? smart:comp 2 sports one of those and it’s great. We explain what it is and what you can use it for.

Shaping the sound of smart:comp 2

The attack and release shaper as well as the style dial are powerful tools to adjust the sound of smart:comp 2. Check out this tutorial to find out how to use them.