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Additional control elements of smart:reverb

An A/B functionality, modifying wet/dry values, the freeze and infinite feature, the pre-filter EQ, and more… there is a lot to discover in smart:reverb. Learn more in this tutorial.

Control spread and density with smart:reverb

smart:reverb comes with great options to fine-tune your reverb. Not only the decay but also the spread and density of your reverb effect can be adjusted easily.

"smart:reverb is not just intelligent, its extremely musical!"

John Nathaniel | Producer & Mixer

John Nathaniel
Produzent, Songwriter, Mixer

Check out smart:reverb

Get started with smart:reverb

Are you wondering how to use the A.I. features of smart:reverb? In this tutorial we show you how to use them.

Modifying decay with smart:reverb

smart:reverb offers you two shaping options to change the behavior of the reverb’s decay – the Temporal Shaper and the Spectral Shaper Grid in the Particle Display. We show you how to use them.

The smart:reverb User Guide

The smart:reverb user guide contains helpful tutorials, so you’ll know exactly how to handle the plug-ins features.

Intelligent plug-in smart:reverb – out now!

It’s done! We proudly present smart:reverb. It is a source-adaptive plug-in that delivers custom-tailored reverb by adjusting its processing to the individual characteristics of the input material.

Reverb: components and considerations

When we add the reverb we need to bring together technical aspects and affective intentions. Learn more about reverb components and things you should keep an eye on.

The Modernist Anticlock

Composer and sound artist Steffen Krebber chose the bell tower of the Luther church in Cologne as well as the 3D-speakersystem IKO for the audio installation „The Modernist Anticlock“.

A.I. tools in music production: chances and limits

We are giving you answers to the question: Where exactly is A.I. helpful in creating the perfect audio track and where are its limits?

César Sogbe: “If someone tells you there are rules, break them!”

Grammy-winning audio engineer César Sogbe is highly appreciated by his clients. Learn more about César’s beginnings, his impressive career and why he is a fan of smart:comp.

stay@home package

If you need some distraction? Then our stay@home package might just be the thing. Get the plug-in Balancer free of charge (extended until May 4, 2020) and play our Arcade Game (ends April 13)!

A.I. terminologies explained

Behind artificial intelligence isn’t just one technique. There are many different techniques and mathematical models. We explain some of them.