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7 AI-Powered Music Tools to Improve your Workflow

Give your production the benefit of contemporary technology by checking out these forward-thinking software tools.

Everything That’s New in smart:EQ 4

Discover all the new features for version 4 of our flagship equalizer, and what they can do for your workflow and sonic results.

9 Use Cases for smart:EQ 4

Get the inside scoop on what’s new in smart:EQ 4, and how you can use it to achieve better, cleaner mixes more quickly.

smart:EQ 4 is out now

Ready to elevate your mixes? smart:EQ 4 is now available – an AI-powered equalizer that will empower your mix journey.

Six Ways to Use a Limiter

Learn more about how to integrate limiters into your audio workflow – beyond the most obvious mastering and ‘maximizing’ options.

Top 3 Applications of Mid/Side EQ

Three ways to make use of mid/side equalization in your audio production.

"The AI-powered function of smart:limit is incredible."

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

TYPHOON | Producer, Mixing-/Mastering-Engineer

Entdecke smart:limit

Analog Isn’t Always Better – the Big Benefits of Digital

The analog sound may be loved by many music producers, but here are the ways that digital technologies can outshine their ancestors.

Vectorial approach to building space around vocals

Sound engineer Oleg Yershov shows you how to create a beautiful space to accompany vocal recordings effectively.

An Introduction to Mix Bus Processing

Discover the benefits of pre-master processing on your master output, and learn seven techniques you can try on your next mix.

How to Make a YouTube Voiceover Louder

We show you how you can quickly increase the power of dialogue and voice recordings in this guide.

An Introduction to smart:deess

Learn all about the unique features of smart:deess, the world’s first AI powered de-esser with industry leading spectral de-essing, plosive removal, and “re-essing”.

smart:deess out now

Check out our new de-esser. smart:deess is a huge step forward in de-essing and plosive removal technology.