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The sonible Blog ist a valuable source of information for all who want to extend their skills in audio production. Through video tutorials, know-how articles and interviews with pros, you'll get ideas, tipps and tricks.

smart:EQ 2 – Mixing with Artificial Intelligence

The A.I. engine in smart:EQ 2 doesn’t replace a human being, of course. It will enable you to achieve complex EQing solutions more quickly.

A.I. equalizer plug-in smart:EQ 2 out now!

We took a huge step forward with this first major update of our award-winning smart:EQ plug-in.

"I am stunned by the super-easy interface and handling of smart:EQ 3."

LIA | Producer
Eno, Dardan, Credibil, Xatar, Mero)

Discover smart:EQ 3

sonible at IMSTA FESTA Toronto

Join IMSTA and SAE Institute as they host IMSTA FESTA TORONTO – Saturday, October 13, 2018. Come by and check out the awesome sonible plug-ins.

The smart:EQ 2 User Guide

smart:EQ 2 is an intelligent equalizer plug-in. Of course, the smart:filter is the focus. But smart:EQ 2 has much more to offer than that.

ml:mio – Universal Audio Live Rack just got even more universal

The new UAD-2 Live Rack make it possible to use UAD effects on stage and in concerts via MADI. ml:mio enhances connectivity.

Jeph Vanger: “With some sounds from your past, you stay connected all your life.”

The installation Sφera by Jeph Vanger combines the concrete sound of foghorns with the 3D Audio Ambisonics instrument IKO.

Carlos Hurtado: “Just trust what you hear!“

80% of the time, Carlos uses the sonible smart:EQ+ plugin to fix dialogue audio problems. The advantages of working with sonible are obvious.

Multichannel Sound Environment “Sφera”

Sφera (2018) is a multichannel sound environment where the physical presence of sound becomes the priority.

The benefits of using plug-ins in a live mix

The use of digital audio plug-ins offers many advantages for FOH engineers. More and more sound engineers are therefore using plug-ins in their live-set-up.

How to use plug-ins in your live mix?

Plug-ins bring many benefits. Find out how to integrate plug-ins into your live mix set-up and what to pay attention to when doing so.

Turning smart:EQ live into a high-resolution de-esser

FOH and music producer Toni “Meloni” Loitsch shows you how to make a special de-esser out of the latency-free, adaptive equalizer smart:EQ live.

Preparing electric guitar signals for a live mix using smart:EQ live

FOH and music producer Toni “Meloni” Loitsch (Donots, Silbermond, Nautilus Studios) shows you how he processes an electric guitar signal with smart:EQ live.

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