smart:comp 2 is out now

July 27, 2022 | News

smart:comp 2 could be your new go-to compressor. We’ve combined the features intelligent compression parametrization and spectral processing with a wide range of sound-shaping options. smart:comp 2 is our new spectro-dynamic compressor that is made for producers who are going for a clean sound as well as adventurous sound designers – and everyone in between.

Discover smart:comp 2

When we released smart:comp, we’ve received so many kind words and a lot of praise for its features and super clean sound. Now, with smart:comp 2, we’ve added a whole lot of creative possibilities and real-time monitoring elements.

smart:comp 2 – key features

  • Automatic compression parametrization with a single click
  • Spectral processing for tonal and dynamic balance
  • Frequency-dependent ducking to create space for the sidechain signal
  • Free-form transfer function and templates for complex compression goals
  • Color and Style dials to change the character of the compression results
  • Automatic output gain, mid/side processing, input level riding, surround sound support…

With smart:comp 2, putting dynamics into shape is not a time-consuming struggle but an efficient joy. Save 30% on the limiter now or, if you already own smart:comp and registered it in your user account, log into it and check out your upgrade deal! The introductory offer ends on August 31, 2022.

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