smart:comp 2 User Guide

July 27, 2022 | Tutorial

smart:comp 2 combines a multi-dimensional compression approach with a range of sound-shaping option. This opens up entirely new possibilities. There is a lot to discover in this exceptionally versatile go-to compressor. Check out the following tutorials to make sure you don’t miss any features.

The intelligent processing and automatic parametrization of smart:comp 2 deliver precise and transparent results without compromising the integrity of your input signal. The AI-powered algorithms find well-balanced dynamics for single track, audio buses and even entire mixes. Plus, there is spectral compression – more than 2000 bands constantly working to enhance transparency of your track – which also drives smart:comp 2’s ducking abilities. Once you’ve created a sound basis, you can go ahead and unleash your creativity with the sound-shaping options smart:comp 2 has to offer. Let us show you, all you need to know to improve your workflow with our spectro-dynamic compressor.

For further in-depth instructions please download the smart:comp 2 manual.


Get started with smart:comp 2 by watching the tutorial below. It’ll show you how to work with smart:comp 2‘s main features.


This tutorial shows you how spectral compression enhances your track’s transparency and how to merge tracks seamlessly with spectral ducking.


Dive deep with the free-form transfer function. In this tutorial, you’ll learn what you can achieve with this feature.


Attack and release are two powerful parameters – especially for all who want to shape every detail of compression. Learn in this tutorial all about the attack and release shaper as well as what you can achieve with the style dial.