Turning smart:EQ live into a high-resolution de-esser

May 16, 2018 | Tutorial

smart:EQ live is more than just an EQ. The plug-in’s machine learning algorithm works great in a variety of applications. For example, use smart:EQ live as a special de-esser to accurately tame vocal sibilants.

FOH engineer and music producer Toni “Meloni” Loitsch (Donots, Silbermond, Nautilus Studios) shows you how to make a special tool out of the latency-free, adaptive equalizer smart:EQ live.

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smart:EQ live can also be used as a de-esser. The advantage of the plug-in is that it does not work statically, but continuously adjusts the spectral balance within a certain bandwidth. This feature allows Toni to use a wider frequency band than is possible with traditional classic de-essers. “I get a harmonious and dynamic de-esser that only works in the areas where it’s supposed to.”

Toni sets the bandwidth according to the input signal and immediately the vocals are easier to understand. smart:EQ live is especially ideal for singers like that of the Donots, who constantly move around on stage. When the singer walks past the cymbals, for example, the smart:filter immediately attenuates the additional sharp frequencies that occur. This balances the entire mix without having to over-compress the vocal signal.