smart:EQ live out now!

December 1, 2017 | News

Great news! Our award winning smart:filter technology is now available as a zero latency plug-in: smart:EQ liveUntil the end of the year, we provide a 30% introductory offer on smart:EQ live. Get the plug-in now and be one of the first to experience a new live workflow!

smart:EQ live – out now

The plug-in is the result of extensive research efforts aimed at making our smart:filters realtime capable. We believe that smart:EQ live is a substantial step towards hassle-free and creative live mixing.

What’s behind it?

smart:EQ live belongs to the latest generation of AI mixing assistants. The high-precision adaptive equalizer analyzes audio signals, interprets them musically and compensates spectral imbalances in real-time.

“Live technicians can now focus more on the musical experience for both artists and audiences instead of having to troubleshoot all the time.”

Ralf Baumgartner, CEO of sonible

Enjoy our new plug-in – we’re looking forward to your feedback!