smart:limit – the content-aware limiter is out now!

December 13, 2021 |

We analyzed, developed and delivered – an intelligent true peak limiter with automatic parametrization, extensive loudness monitoring and unique set of sound shaping tools. Additionally, the plug-in interactively guides you in finding the right loudness and dynamic range for publishing. smart:limit is an AI-powered tool that actually makes “set – check – publish” as straightforward as it sounds.

Discover smart:limit
A lot of you asked for an AI-powered limiter – here it is. smart:limit is all about worry-free limiting: While keeping a close eye on your signals’ characteristics and all the interconnected influences limiting might have on the sound, the plug-in also makes sure that you are getting all the information about loudness and dynamic range you need.
We also equipped smart:limit’s loudness monitoring section with a feature that visually assists you in hitting the safe zone of requirements of any streaming service or loudness standard. A quality check option provides interactive hints about which limiter parameters might need some tweaking before publishing.

smart:limit – key features

  • Automatic limiting parametrization in seconds
  • Extensive loudness monitoring with all crucial information for publishing
  • Visually guided loudness and dynamics targeting for streaming services, loudness standards and reference tracks
  • 4 sound shaping tools for fine-tuning and styling
  • Instant impact prediction for a smooth workflow
  • Quality check for confident settings adjustments
  • Distortion display and intelligent auto release

smart:limit is your one-stop-shop in the world of limiters and loudness monitoring. Save 30% on the intelligent limiter now or, if you already own one of our plug-ins and registered them in your user account, log into into it and check out your upgrade deal! The introductory offer ends

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