The smart:limit user guide

December 13, 2021 | Tutorial

smart:limit will suggest you limiter parameters in seconds, keeps an eye on the loudness and dynamics of your track and guides you in meeting the safe zone requirements for a vast variety of streaming services and loudness standards with its extensive loudness monitoring section. Additionally, smart:limit gives you interactive hints about how to tweak problematic parameters.

There is a lot to discover in our one-stop-shop limiter. It’s features will assists you in many ways whilst making sure you’ll get a transparent, uncompromised sound quality. It’s interface is designed to be intuitive and straightforward making your workflow more efficient.

For further in-depth instructions please download the smart:limit manual.

Get started with smart:limit by watching the tutorial below. It’ll show you how to work with smart:limit’s main features.


When your sound needs a little bit of extra vibe, smart:limit has got you covered. In this tutorial, we show you what can be done with its sound-shaping tools.

We equipped smart:limit with publishing targets and visual guidance to make it easier to get your track ready for publishing. Watch the tutorial to see how to use these features.




  • added native Apple Silicon support
  • removed PACE iLok License Manager dependency for non-iLok licenses


  • updated macOS signing certificate


  • added gain reduction readout for Pro Tools
  • fixed failing AudioUnit validation at 11kHz sampling rate on Apple Silicon Macs
  • fixed gain reduction display issue


  • release