The smart:reverb User Guide

August 10, 2020 | Tutorial

With smart:reverb you’ll avoid common reverb problems from the very beginning and you can find the style for your reverb effect intuitively and guided by descripitive properties. Additionally, smart:reverb offers a lot of control options to manipulate the deep-structure of the reverb. This user guide contains helpful tutorials, so you can get exactly the reverb effect you’ve envisioned.

The interface of smart:reverb is designed with users in mind. With helpful visual representations and a generally lean interface, smart:reverb is an efficient and informative tool for audio production. Though the A.I. features of the plug-in are its main attraction, we stayed true to our maxim: “Use smart technology but stay in control”. The Particle Display with its Spectral Shaper Grid and the Temporal Shaper – where you can shape the temporal behavior of decay, spread and density – give you a lot of freedom to shape your reverb effect.

You can download the smart:reverb manual with very detailed information about its features on our support page.

Get started with smart:reverb by watching the tutorial about using the plug-in’s A.I. features.

Learn how to shape the decay of your reverb effect in the tutorial below.

We show you how you can change the behavior of spread and density over time in the Temporal Shaper.