Control spread and density with smart:reverb

August 12, 2020 | Tutorial

smart:reverb comes with great options to fine-tune your reverb. Not only the decay but also the spread and density of your reverb effect can be adjusted easily. Get instructions on how to do exactly that.

smart:reverb not only computes a reverb from scratch based on your input signal but also gives you the option to fine-tune its spread and density over time.

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Learn how to shape the density and spread in the video below or take a look at the step-by-step instructions.


You can limit or expand the reverb within the stereo field by playing with its spread in the temporal shaper and the particle display.

Step 1: Adjust the spread in the Temporal ShaperIf you want the spread of the reverb to start out narrow and expand quickly over time, just drag the thumbs or lines.

Step 2: Limit the spread in the Particle DisplayYou may not want to spread out the reverb in the low end, since this may lead to a blurred sound. Limit the spread to a certain frequency range by dragging the line in the particle display.

Step 3: Adjust the density in the Temporal ShaperYou can also fine-tune the temporal behavior of the density. For example, go for a faster increase in density.