Controlling vocals with threshold and adaption speed

December 5, 2017 | Tutorial

Optimize smart:EQ live to your personal mixing style with various settings. Learning threshold and adaption speed serve as initial guidelines for the adaptive EQ. Give smart:EQ live precise instructions – it takes care of the rest.

Adjust the reactivity of the self-learning bands as well as their bandwidth and sensitivity. Watch the video to learn how to apply these settings in your mix:

Basic tips and advanced tricks: The smart:EQ live user guide

Check out these short tutorials for the most important functions and application areas of the plug-in smart:EQ live.

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Content-aware algorithm: How smart:EQ live adapts to any sound source

smart:EQ live offers unique possibilities to shape your live mix. Special instrument profiles prime the plug-in for different sound sources.

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Improve clarity in speech with smart:EQ live

Switching speakers, less-than-ideal positioning and failing mics. No matter what’s happening on stage, smart:EQ live has your back.

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