Basic tips and advanced tricks: The smart:EQ live user guide

December 5, 2017 | Tutorial

smart:EQ live enables a streamlined workflow for (live) sound mixing. The high-precision adaptive filter of smart:EQ live analyzes audio signals, interprets them musically and compensates spectral imbalances in real-time. The latency free smart:engineTM  can be fine-tuned for your needs and helps to get great results within seconds.Check out these short tutorials for the most important functions and application areas of smart:EQ live:


The first tutorial guides you through the basic functions of the plug-in:


smart:EQ live has been designed for live applications. The plug-in provides detailed but intuitive controls and allows adjusting the algorithm to the mixing task at hand. In addition, profiles add even more flexibility by optimizing the smart algorithm for different source signals. Watch the video and learn how to use and customize profiles with smart:EQ live:

Learning threshold and adaption speed

Optimize the plug-in to your personal mixing style with various settings. Threshold and the adaption speed serve as initial guidelines for the adaptive EQ. Adjust the reactivity of the self-learning bands as well as their bandwidth and sensitivity.

Speech and corporate events

Mixing speech is a particularly challenging task, as speech is a quite complex signal and our auditory system is perfectly adapted to its characteristics. Watch the video and see how smart:EQ live can support you when dealing with speech and even multiple speakers at a time:


More useful answers can be found in the FAQs.
For further questions, just send a short mail to:

Have fun with smart:EQ live!

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